UPDATE 2016: All orders are now expertly handled by rv0.be (since they manufacture the front panels and other bits and bobs for the x0x we thought it was a good idea to have everything at the same place):rv0.be

Introducing the x0xb0x cpu upgrade board: x0xlarge.

You know the x0xb0x right? The verbatim replica of the venerable tb-303 from adafruit industries.
It sounds just like a proper one. But it doesn't program like one.
With the x0xb0x cpu upgrade you can have a sequencer that programs just like the original 303 does. Problem is that the cpu upgrade never got produced. There was a few teaser boards released but then the producer dissappeared.
So, yeah. We got fed up on waiting on the unobtanium-grade cpu upgrade for the x0xb0x.
We made our own and we made enough for you guys aswell.
It features an atmega 2561 with
- 256k flash (16k on the original cpu)
- 8k sram (1k)
- 4k eeprom (512b)
- pwm
- 8 channel a/d
That and a lot more at 16mhz! In two words; It rocks!
The pcb has footprints for both isp and jtag, for the adc filter and the rest of the pins of the 2561.

But... This hardware is NOTHING without software

Antto has hacked the bootloader (that Guest previously hacked) so now you can upload firmwares via midi and sysex (with anttos as_hex2syx application to encode the firmware as a proper sysexfile and then send that sysexfile with what ever application you wish like midiox or amidi or elektron c6), how about that?! And with visual feedback that you are in bootload mode AND receiving firmware data. Same two words again: IT ROCKS!
From the get go you can run Guests modified original adafruit firmware or sokkos2561 (thanks sokkan!!) or the replicated workflow from the original 303 sequencer in the n0nx0x2 firmware!
It's plug and play on all x0xb0xes we've seen (even the "m.k. x0xi0") except the Brian Castro x0xi0 since he decided to move the location of the old cpu (you can still adapt the cpu-card for this with a flat cable and a 40 pin socket + some soldering). Disclaimer: You might have to bend the legs on c100 and c101 but otherwise it fits like a glove.

Interested yet? We thought so.
Default configuration is; soldered machined round pins, n0nx0x2.latest and the bootloader with fuses protecting it flashed.

Paul Rogalinski did an awesome install instruction video, check it out:

You can find us via IRC in #x0xb0x at freenode.net.

We've discovered a few x0xb0xes that does not boot with this cpu. We are investigating why not and will update this page aswell as the adafruit forums as soon as we find out anything.
Setting the BOD to 2.7V makes these chips work in the troublesome x0xb0xes.

Here is the schematic for the x0xlarge.

If you don't know what the x0xb0x is you won't be needing the cpu upgrade... Yet. But when you check out adafruits site: ladyada.net/make/x0xb0x who designed it you'll probably want one yourself: willzyx.com